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Dr. Vijay T. Ingole

was born in Amravati, Maharashtra, India in 1947. He received his B.E. (GCOE Amravati) in 67, M. Tech. (VRCE, Nagpur) in 70, & Ph.D. under the able guidance of Dr. A.A. Ghatol in 98. He worked with m/s Crompton Greaves Ltd, Mumbai as Chief Design Engineer for 12 yrs. He worked as a consultant as Electronic Product Designer for various industries in Mumbai for more

than 16 yrs. He became a Professor & Head of Dept. of Electronics & Telecomm. in College of Engineering, Badnera. He was the Principal of Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune. Presently he is the Principal of Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research (Fmrly College of Engineering, Badnera), Amravati. He was a member of the first Info.Tech. Committee of Govt. of Maharashtra, India in 1999. He is a Senior Member of IEEE (USA), Fellow of Institution of Electronics & Telecomm. Engineers (IETE), Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India), and former Chairman, IETE Amravati Local Center, Life Member of ISTE, Life member of Association of Indian Earthquake technology, Life member of Association of PhysicsTeachers. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahemadabad & NITIE, Mumbai.
He has been associated with Pune University and Amravati University in various committees. He is an approved research guide for Ph.D. in SGB Amravati University, Shivaji University Kolhapur, and Bharati Vidyapith Pune. He has number of students pursuing research and five research students have been awarded Ph.D. He has to his credit more than 30 papers in International and national journals, conferences and a best paper award by Institute of Engineers (I). He developed ingenious equipments to record Shadow Band during total solar eclipses during 1995 Total Solar Eclipse at Neem ka Thana and published papers. He has designed and developed more than 30 industrial products and holding 6 patents. He has worked in wide areas of engineering field such as electrical AC & DC machines, thyristor drives, power system protection, power electronics, consumer electronics, and electronic devices. Presently his areas of interest are ADC, DAC, Speech Recognition, Electronic Circuit Design, Ternary Logic, Electronic Devices, Fiber Optics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Theoretical Physics and Genetics. He has been extending his services as an advisor to Nature Conservation Society, Amravati & m/s Jadhao Gears Pvt. Ltd., and devoting his spare time for bird watching, nature observation, expedition to forest, and remote areas in quest of unknown. He with his associates has recently discovered eleven Paleolithic (15000-10000 BC) rock shelter paintings in Satpura-Tapti valley and published a paper. He also writes expedition stories.
Mr. Padmakar Lad

amiably known as Ladsaheb is the senior most member of our group. Born in October 1945 in Dhamangaon of Amravati (India) district and brought up by a vigilant but affectionate father a village school teacher. He had to take up his personal and family responsibility at his early age. After taking up petty jobs he not only completed his diploma in Electrical Engineering but also helped his

younger brother to get educated as a dental surgeon (B.D.S.). He worked in M.S.E.B. a semi-govt. organization meant for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. After occupying various positions he retired as an Assistant Engineer in 2004. During the tenure he came in contact with Er. Anil Mahajan, a keen bird watcher and artist and took fancy for bird watching and it turned out to be his passionate hobby. During various Bird Watcher Meets in Maharashtra he came in contact with many experts like Mr. Chittampally, an ornithologist, nature lover and a popular author. During one of such meets we like-minded people came together and formed a group. He took up to writing and published many articles in newspapers on birds and nature excursion. His simple language and informative style have made him quite a popular writer. His talks on birds, their habitat and importance for the ecology were aired
by Akashwani (All India Radio). He is an artists and draws beautiful sketches of bird, wild animal, nature etc. He collects and maintains all related data & information during our tours. Ladsaheb a strict vegetarian is our counselor and without him any expedition is never complete.
Mr. Pradeep Hirurkar

popularly known as Pra. Su. is a passionate Marathi writer. Born in March 1962 and brought up under the careful and disciplined eyes of a school headmaster opted for an art faculty. His keen eyes, extraordinary memory and imagination took him to writing in an early age. Though he is working as a personal assistant in a government office for his living, during any holidays his love for nature makes him wander in the wilderness of forest for last 20 years.

His command over his mother tongue Marathi made him a sought after nature story writer by many leading marathi dailies all over Maharashtra like Loksatta, Maharashtra Times, Sakal, Tarun Bharat, Hindustan to name few. He has published a book named “Aranya Odh” (forest enticement) in 2004 and another book titled “Bhulanvel” (hoodwinking creeper) is about to be published. He regularly writes a column in “Vyaghra Prakalp” a quarterly magazine dedicated to Tiger Project in Melghat, Amravati. Looking at his mission of mass movement for nature awareness through his lucid writing, the Govt. of Maharashtra
conferred “Vikas Warta Puraskar” an award for his outstanding contribution regarding Development News in 1993 and Chief Minister of Maharashtra honoured by awarding him with “Best Contribution Award” in 2005. He is a freelance wildlife photographer. He is an advisor to many organizations working on nature conservation, wildlife protection, N.S.S. etc. He is invited by various TV channels like ETV, NDTV etc. for discussions. A very modest unassuming personality has a bright flare for research. His enthusiasm, tenacity and perseverance are the main strengths of our group.
Mr. Shirishkumar Patil

popularly known as Kumar was born in Gadegaon, Warud (Amravati Dist.) in March 1959 in a farmer’s family. After his formal education in Science up to college level he had to switch to a business in electrical & electronics engineering due to family constraints. His intrinsic inquisitiveness about religion, God and many enigmatic issues made him wander in the quest

their answers. In doing so he contacted and met many scientist, Spiritual leaders, experts but in vain. A matter of fact attitude left him more confused. He started exploring the nature, its birds, flora & fauna. His rendezvous culminated in search of newer and newer things in nature. In doing so he came in contact with like-minded people and his most of the incredible queries were resolved. He knows music and loves it. He does video and and still photography as well as audio recording on various expeditions. Presently he is working as an Audio/video technician and has excellent skills for electronics equipment fabrication and repairs. He is a very versatile person and likes cooking, driving etc. His inquisitiveness, logic, curiosity, and never say die attitude is always an inspiration to our group.